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With technology evolving at astonishing speeds, we strongly believe, in order to build additional solutions, we need to take full advantage of the newest and best ideas available. Recovered Capital approaches this goal with designing state of the art software that is cloud based and comprehensive to all users for any TEM application.

AIM  was developed to bring new solutions to old business problems and deliver them in unique ways that are easy on our customers and all of their users. This development began with the deep understanding of an organization’s internal financial operations, processes and goals.  We then focused on a user-friendly concept that is simple and straight-forward. Our software solutions and personalized services are designed to uniquely offer the flexibility to fit our customers’ requirements and budget. Recovered Capital Corp brings a fresh set of new technologies in a packaged service that can be immediately applied to dramatically improve the process. Are you ready to simplify the confusion? See below to better understand how AIM improves your workflow and savings.