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Collectively, Recovered Capital has over 75 years of experience serving the telecom needs of organizations worldwide. With respect to telecom expense management and cost recovery, we have a deep understanding of an organization’s financial operations, processes and goals. Our auditors and consultants are specialists in their fields, providing you with experience and expertise that is second to none.  Our solutions and services are designed from the ground up to uniquely offer the flexibility to fit our customer’s requirements. Every client is treated as though they were our only client, whether our client is a Fortune 500 company or a new start-up.


Delivering the highest standard of customer care is a key component of our business at Recovered Capital. Beginning with our consultative, best practices guidance, then ultimately delivering personalized solutions, Recovered Capital’s experienced staff is there to guide and assist you every step of the way. What our customers expect and receive from us is fast response, a courteous dedicated staff and quick follow-up resolution.  Whether it’s an issue with existing contracts and future projects or something you want to add or change, Recovered Capital support is here for you.


Recovered Capital’s success has been built upon the personal relationships and hands-on, specialized service that we proudly give our customers. For years we have been satisfying clients in a diverse range of industries, which means that we have amassed a great deal of experience, identifying and qualifying cost recovery solutions and other opportunities specific to telecom expense management. We fully understand our clients’ concerns and priorities and aim to surpass their expectations every time.


We realized early on that managing telecom expenses efficiently, accurately and proactively required a powerful technology base.  We, therefore, decided to make a huge investment in our clients and the future of RCC and built our own technology platform called ClarityIM. Clarity IM permeates every aspect of our operations. It is a central component of our business and the vehicle we use to deliver our expense services in an unrivaled way. Through ClarityIM, we are able to measure, learn from and control the telecom data we manage for our clients.  Together, our innovation and our team of specialists just keeps getting better .


At RCC, we are fully committed to supporting our communities, providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and helping the environment in any way we can. Through supporting programs, volunteerism, corporate philanthropy and community leadership, our corporate social responsibility initiatives make a big impact.

Throughout the year, RCC supports charity events through financial donations and facilitating volunteer participation to raise additional funds as well as serving in events for a host of Community Involvement causes. In addition we also support various educational programs and serve as role models and mentors for students. We are strong proponents of getting involved and making a difference in the lives of others.


Recovered Capital is not content with being the best value in North America today. We strive to maintain our leadership in the telecom expense management industry by listening to our clients, drawing on our experience and leveraging technology to develop new and better ways to keep our services at the leading edge.